24 April 2017

VFT live in the mix 23 April 2017

Brand new mix from VFT for Spring 2017. Join us for the next 80 minutes as we meander through various shades of Techno.

From Tech House to Funky Detroit to deep dub, this mix explores them all. Not to mention a whole bunch of exclusive tracks that you will not find anywhere else.

So put on your tin foil helmet and jump with us down the audio rabbit hole of Truth, Humour & Conspiracy.

18 January 2017

Out Now!
VFT - Dub Weaponry EP

Brand new 3 track digital EP out now.

Brand New from VFT comes the Dub Weaponry EP with a trio of dub Techno bombshells straight from the Fine Balance underground bunker.
Check the Digital Store for audio clips and to buy your copy.

30 July 2016

VFT - Creative Energies - out now

New digital release.

As first heard exclusively in the VFT May 2016 mix (see below.)
Available now at the Digital Store.

02 June 2016

VFT live in the mix 30.05.2016

This one's for the Techno connoisseur's. It's been a while since the last live mix but hopefully it will have been worth the wait.

You can always guarantee that a VFT mix will always contain a few exclusives tracks and this mix is by no means different.

With over an hours worth of the finest Techno & Tech House plus a whole host of forthcoming and unreleased exclusives, recorded live at Fine Balance Audio Response studio.

21 March 2016

New vinyl release out now!

Variable Frequency Technician
Return To Techno EP

VFT - Return To Techno EP

The long awaited 3rd vinyl release from Fine Balance Records is now finally available to buy exclusively here at Fine Balance.co.uk

Head over to the new vinyl shop page to check out samples and to order your copy.

This is a strictly limited edition release of 300 copies only.

12 January 2016

VFT - Groove Control 2016 Acoustic re-fix.

Kicking off the new year with something very much rooted in the past.
This track was originally released on Probe records in 1995
You can checkout the original version here.
This new 2016 remix is now available to buy in WAV or MP3 at the Digital Store

Groove Control 2016 Acoustic refix

5th September 2015

VFT Live in the mix 2015

VFT Live in the mix 31.08.2015

VFT Live in the mix 31/08/2015

New live DJ mix from VFT, mixing up some favourites live in the studio as we say goodbye to summer here in the northern hemisphere.

Featuring tracks from the likes of Kyle Watson, Low Steppa and VFT.

Best Acid mix on the Internet?

VFT Acid House mix 1988 - 2013

VFT Acid House mix - re-uploaded for the masses

Whilst surfing the net the other evening I stumbled upon a number of what were supposed to be Acid House mixes.

I was quite disappointed that none of the mixes I listened to were true 100% Acid House but a mix of Acid and other old school tunes, which is fine if you like that sort of thing.

But to label such mixes as 'Acid House' was a little misleading I feel.

One of these mixes was even being hailed as the best Acid House set on the Internet.

So I figured if that mix really was the best there is then I'd better re-upload the mix I did a couple of years back.

Presenting almost 2 hours of non-stop Acid House with no fillers and nothing less than 100% TB 303 driven Acid bangers from the years 1988 - 2013.
Featuring the best of US & UK Artists, celebrating 25 years of Acid.

VFT - catering for the Acid connoisseur's since 1989.

1st August 2014

Casey Tucker - Equinox 1996

Casey Tucker - Equinox (preview)

One more track from the archives as we journey back to 1996.

This track is actually the forerunner to the popular 'BST' track that was released last year on the For Those That Knoe label (vinyl only).

This track was recorded around the time of spring equinox of 1996 (March). BST was the follow-up track that came a few weeks later.

So to commemorate that little fact (and in response to the requests for a digital release of BST) it has been decided to release both Equinox and BST together as a special edition double download pack.

Out now at the Digital Store.

Old School Techno mix 3 - The Deepness

Welcome to part 3 of VFT's old school mix series as we explore the deeper side of the underground


1. Basic Channel - 06 Vainqueur - Lyot Reshape
2. Yes One - The Light
3. Cyberpsychose - Cyberlandscape
4. Stacy Pullen - 8th Wonder
5. Ketch & Bonds - Zephyr
6. Jet Stream - Seriously (FUSE Remix)
7. Maurizio - Domina (Carl Craigs Mind Mix)
8. VFT - Reminiscence (UTK mix)
9. Symbols & Instruments - Tear Drops Of Yesterday
10. Bulkhead - House Cruise (C.C. Cowie Remix)
11. Russ Gabriel - In The Bag
12. Octave One - Epilogue

Old School underground Techno mix pt2

We continue with part two of our journey into the old school Techno sound. This time exploring the darker more sinister side of the underground.


1. VFT - The Arrival (Revisited)
2. V-Room - V-shaped
3. Department Of Dutch Techno - Starward Party
4. Nuero Polotique - Mind You Don't Trip
5. Re-Animator - Back Of The Head
6. Slam - Dark Forces
7. Suburban Knight - Art Of Stalking
8. KGB - Stark
9. Art Of Stalking Deepside Remix
10. Brother From Another Planet - Planet Earth
11. Techno Grooves - 100% of DX-ing You
12. Suburban Knight - The Worlds
13. Infiniti - Techno Por Favor
14. Fade II Black - The Calling (Reprise)

Old School underground Techno mix pt1

Introducing DJ Casey 'VFT' Tucker digging through his favourite old school underground Techno records and mixing it up live at Fine Balance Studio UK.

In part one we go on a journey into the lighter side of the underground. Part two to follow shortly. . . .


1. Reel By Real - Surkit
2. F.U.S.E - Techno Tropic
3. Fade II Black - Insistent Rhythm
4. The VFT - Rediscovery
5. Infiniti - Sunrise
6. MK - Somebody New
7. R-Tyme - R-Theme (Maday mix)
8. Octave One - I Believe (Vice Mix)
9. 3MB/Juan Atkins - Die Kosmischen Kuriere
10. Santonio Echols & Claude Young - The Rain Forest
11. Infiniti - Game One
12. Jark Prongo - Spadet
13. The VFT - Network 90
14. Psyance - Motion
15. Heychild - Heychild's Theme
16. Dave Angel - Airborne
17. Envoy - Machines Need Love Too
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Out Now -
For Those That Knoe.

Casey's 3rd appearance on Ben Boe's For Those That Knoe label is now available.

Once again we delve into the archives and dust off some tracks that have not seen the light of day for twenty years.

Casey Tucker's new release on a Certain label. . .

Casey Tucker has a new vinyl release out now on Spanish label Certain Music records.

The EP, called 'Expectations' is a collection of 3 tracks written exclusively for the label...

'Accumulated Knolege' EP sold out.

It's the end of an era as the remaining copies of the 'Accumulated Knoledge' EP have now all been sold.

We came across a batch of these records about 3 years ago after 17 years in storage.

More legacy remix goodness from the VFT as we revisit another former Probe Records release.

This track originally dates from 1992 and was the title track of a 4 track EP (cat no. pro15), you can check out the original version here.

This new 2016 remix is in keeping with the hard edged original but with a slightly slower tempo and additional tweaks and edits.

Available now as a digital only release in either WAV or MP3 exclusively at the Digital Store

VFT - Ill humaniti

Available now at the Digital Store

VFT - May Tricks

Available now at the Digital Store

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