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19th February 2017

New Forthcoming releases - For Those That Knoe.

The test presses are in and sounding good and it's all systems go for Casey Tucker as he makes his 3rd appearance on Ben Boe's For Those That Knoe recordings.

Once again we delve into the archives, dusting off tracks that have not seen the light of day for some twenty years.

In order to retrieve this latest batch of tracks, Ben went and bought an old DAT machine from e-bay and sent it over to Casey as his own DAT player had died some time ago, and the one he tried to hire from the local audio rental company didn't work!

A whole bunch of tracks were eventually retrieved from those old DAT tapes, enough for two or three EP's so you can expect at least one more follow up release after this, so stay tuned as they say.

This forthcoming release (which might be available by the time you read this) includes a reissue of the popular track 'Carpet Dancer' from Casey's debut Fine Balance EP (cat no. fine9601.) Many people to this day still ask if that record is available to buy on vinyl. Well now it is! Fully remastered and sounding better than ever.

To listen to clips and get release information head over to the Ben Boe Recordings Sound Cloud page.

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