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25 May 2020

Hi and welcome to a very long overdue update from the Fine Balance blog.

As you are no doubt aware, we are currently living in what many are calling 'unprecedented times' and like many of you, I have been spending the past few weeks adjusting and adapting to the new situation we find ourselves in.

I have also been looking into these current events more closely in an attempt to verify for myself the seriousness of what is being reported. More about this shortly.

First I would like to take this opportunity to quickly thank customers for their continued support. New digital releases will be available in the download store soon.

Over the past few months I have been working on projects with a couple of independent labels, Burek Croatia and a new UK label called Fourier Transform. Both of these projects are now finished and all being well, should be hitting the streets later this year.

I have also been working with Spanish label Certain Music on a special remix project that dates back to 2017. It took some time to get things moving because it involved negotiations with several parties .

However the last I heard things were still progressing nicely though unfortunately no release date has been confirmed yet. I'm hoping that the release will finally see the light of day this year.

I am also at some point due to be releasing vinyl EP's on labels out of the US and France, so the market may soon become flooded with EP's from different parts of the world with my name stamped on them!

State Of Independence.

I sometimes get asked why I'm not on streaming services like Spotify or download sites like Beatport?

To which I reply that Fine Balance Recordings is an underground, self contained operation and always will be. I have always been a firm believer in complete independence and absolute ownership of my products and brand.

I believe that it is sometimes better to stand alone than to get lost in a crowd. To 'go where there is no path and leave a trail', as the saying goes. I think Kenny Dixon Jr (AKA Moody Man) put it best when he said,

"I'm not into this to press up a mass amount of records, I'm not into this to be travelling around the mother fucking world. I'm not into this to impress anybody. I'm into this for my own heart and soul".

I do upload tracks to Sound Cloud and You Tube for streaming purposes. I like the fact that neither of these sites require visitors to become members before they can listen to music and artists can freely upload their music without having to go through any third party aggregators.

If I were to involve a third party in my operations then I'd probably consider something like Band Camp, which is a model I highly recommend for independent artists that lack the resources to run their own website - or as an extension of their website if they have one.

Streaming services such as Spotify are infamous for not paying the artists very much - way less than a penny per play - and it's usually the most popular artists of the day artists that get the most plays and subsequently make the most income. I read somewhere recently that the most streamed artist on Spotify currently is Drake.

Having said that, many top artists might find themselves relying more on streaming income this year considering that all tours and festivals have been cancelled. And going forward it doesn't look like we will see any packed out venues or live gigs again anytime soon.

Back to Life?

Many people suspect that once the dust settles from this crisis that everything will eventually go back to how it was before, however I'm not so sure that this will be the case.

Just looking at the nightlife and entertainment industry - many clubs, bars and restaurants around the world have closed down and many of them will not be coming back.

Those venues that do survive are going to be required to put new measures in place that basically go against the whole ethos of clubbing and socialising.

And it looks like for there to be any sort of return to 'normality' everyone is going to be required to take some sort of vaccination, possibly in the next year or two. I think this could be an extremely divisive topic and could result in further turbulent times ahead.

If the mainstream media, politicians and most celebrities are to be believed, then we are supposed to be in the midst of a 'global pandemic'.

But if you dare to do your own research you will start to uncover a quite different reality than the one that is being portrayed on TV.

It's a well known and easily researchable fact that all TV and mainstream media companies are owned by shareholders, many of whom are politicians or have close ties with government and have a vested interest in attaining high viewing figures, because big audiences equals big money, power and influence.

And in many cases the truth is twisted or omitted completely in the pursuit of money, power and ability to control the narrative.

Some may call it conspiracy, but it has to be said that for almost the entire world to go on lockdown at the same time is something that has never been achieved before in human history and could not have happened without worldwide governmental cooperation.

Therefore it is only right that such drastic actions - actions that affect pretty much everyone on the planet - should be closely scrutinised from all angles and if any anomalies or inconsistencies are found then these should be immediately flagged for further investigation.

To quote the words of Buddha, also found in my track Observation & Reason from 2017:

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.

Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.

Do not believe in anything because it is spoken and rumoured by many.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your books.

Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.

But after observation and analysis. When you find that something agrees with reason, then accept it and live up to it.


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