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Fine Balance Records was launched in 1995 by Casey Tucker as a vehicle for his own Techno releases. Casey first came to prominence as the first UK based artist to feature on Richie Hawtin & John Acquaviva's cult Plus 8 record label having signed with them in 1991.

In 1994 Casey took the first tentative steps towards launching his own record label in the UK. The first vinyl release (The Carpet Dancer EP) was finally released in the spring of 1996 and a follow-up (Accumulated Knowledge EP) was released a few months later.

In 1998 the record label was put on hold and Fine Balance Productions was formed as a remixing and production unit specialising in cutting edge Underground Garage projects.

In 2000 Fine Balance Productions expanded into multimedia and web design. This website went live in August 2000 and featured a variety of guest DJ mixes and a selection of exclusive underground Garage tracks and remixes to stream and download.

In 2007 after 9 years lying dormant, Fine Balance Records was re-launched and was fully embracing the digital revolution. A roster of new artists were on board and bunch of digital EP's followed over the course of the next two years that were sold through a number of popular download stores.

However, in 2009 there was a shift in philosophy resulting in Fine Balance pulling out of the commercial download market and keeping all further marketing and distribution completely in-house.

Today Fine Balance continue to specialise in cutting edge underground House and Techno, drawing influences from different genres and blending them together into unique futuristic sound concepts.

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